Fun DuckDuckGo tricks

31 October, 2020

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[DuckDuckGo] - it is my personal favourite search engine, and has grown to more and more popularity over the past few years. It has a squeaky clean reputation when it comes to privacy, and it does not sell your data (like Google, Bing, and countless others). It is also open-source, and community driven.

Here are a list of some easter eggs, fun, and silly [DuckDuckGo] tricks/tips.



A few awesome tips and tricks to either try out something silly, or to make your life easier.


Just type in "!" infront of a search to open up that website, listed are a few examples

  • !devto (opens Dev)
  • !mdn (opens MDN Web Docs)
  • !yt (opens YouTube)

...and so on, so forth. For a list of all all of these "bangs", visit here

See social media information in results

Just type in "@" infront of a user or organization, and watch the magic

Generate lorem ipsum text

Just type in "lorem ipsum" in the browser.

Change casing

Not the most useful feature, but it exists. Just type in lowercase or uppercase in-front of your search and it will turn in into upper or lower case.

Generate passwords

Type in "password 50" or any other number, and it will automatically generate a secure password for you!

Generate passphrases

If those weird characters like "iCNqGvco43" are too hard to remember for you, which, in all fairness should be, then you can generate a passphrases using "random passphrase" and maybe find something a bit easier to remember :D

URL encoding

You can type in "url encode" in-front of a URL to encode it!

With [DuckDuckGo], you can just type in "expand" in-front of a shortened link and it will expand it for you!

Just like you can expand links, you can shorten them too! Just type in "shorten" infront of your link :D


Add in "cheatsheet" at the end of your search to pull up a cheatsheet

Searching for any calendar

Typing in "calendar" will bring up a simple, boring calendar. Though [DuckDuckGo] can do so much more. Type in calendar followed by the date (so for example, calendar 17 August 1345) and it will pull up a calendar from there

Generate QR Codes

Add "qr" and then a link and watch it generate a QR code

Find HTML codes

Typing in "HTML chars" will bring up HTML codes for special characters!

Find colour codes

Type in "color codes"

Find certain colours

You can search up a colour code, and DDG will tell you what the colour is/looks like.

(Thanks to the awesome people in the comments for pointing this one out :wink:)

Binary conversion

Just type in binary, and add "decimal" at the end for it to convert binary into decimal!

Check the status of a website

Add in "is down?" at the end of your search to get the results


Easter eggs

Some cool little Easter Eggs hiding inside here.

Why should I use this?






Motherboard (look at the icon ;)

And... that's about it. Thanks for reading or scrolling down here. If I missed something, or you want to show me something else, feel free to write a comment. I'll be replying to all of them :wink:


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