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Not sure if this is a good idea, or not... but I saw a few people add this to their websites so I did it too. Feel free to ask away, can be the most random crap in the world. Questions will only appear here after I respond, so I'll do my best to respond to all your questions.

how do u give talks?

Generally, I find events online that I've been following for a while and fill out a form with a talk I'd like to share.

Where in Delhi did you live?

I lived in East Delhi for a long time. I was going to move to Noida soon, but I moved to America before that and I've been here ever since.

How tall are you?

I'm not SUPER tall, but I'm currently 6ft or ~182cm tall. I say 'currently' because I'm still growing. I think I'll stop at around ~185cm or 6'1".

favourite colour?

Hmmm. Good question, I haven't thought about this in a long time. I generally tend to like lighter, pastel colours. If I had to pick a shade that I love the most, I'd something like light pink with the hex of #FFA2CB.

Have you tried tRPC? Its the coolest thing ever. You should check it out if you haven't tried it yet

I have heard a lot about tRPC, although I have not tried it yet. I generally use GraphQL for building backends, although tRPC does definitely look very cool. I'll check it out if I have time :)

How long did it take you to build this website?

Didn't take me extremely long, I'd say looking through my commit history this iteration of my website took me around ~1 month of on and off work as I'm often busy with school and sports.

what is harshhhdev-bot?

It's just another GitHub account I created to manage my README, which runs a GitHub action daily updating my README with my most recent blog posts and coding activity from Wakatime.

What is your favourite database?

This is a hard question - it's like asking me which one of my fingers I love the most. I love databases, but I'd say I'm a lover of PostgreSQL-based databases in general. Most of my websites run serverless databases with the Prisma ORM. I have tried a lot of serverless databases, ranging from PlanetScale to AWS Aurora, although recently I've started migrating a lot of my projects over onto CockroachDB serverless due to the me being frustrated with PlanetScale's "no foreign key" and "one free database per org" constraint. CockroachDB also uses PostgreSQL to interact with the database, which is my favourite flavour of SQL. Currently, CockroachDB also has shortcomings - mainly their application interface and no support for using Prisma's cloud platform (as of now), but it's been able to solve most problems that I was having with PlanetScale and other serverless databases.

how did you built this?

The code is open-source on GitHub! Feel free to head over to "about" and check out the "about this website" section for more details.

Have you built a PC before?

I have! It's running a Ryzen 7 APU - for full specs, check out "uses"

How much money have you made coding?

I don't really keep track. Probably upwards of $5,000 if I had to guess.

How do you give talks at meetups and conferences?

I submit CFP (call for papers) or just directly message/email someone at the company, expressing to them that I have a tech talk I'd like to share at any of their meetups. I then give details about what I want to share, along with my social profiles like Twitter, GitHub, Behance, Linkedin, and other things.

When did u start coding?

I started when I was 11 but didn't really take it seriously. If you want more of an insight, you can visit the "about" page.

Do you invest in crypto? Which ones?

Honestly I'm not big on crypto for it's environmental impact. Fun fact: bitcoin alone reversed all the gains we've made through solar panels. I do stocks trading on my dad's account on the Robinhood app, and I've managed to pull in a decent amount of profit.

How did u build this site?

You should find your answer on the "about" page. It's also open-source on GitHub, so feel free to fork the repository and go through the code.

Do u play any games?

Hmm, well nowdays I don't have much time with school and sports. Before, I used to play some occasional Valorant.

favorite design lib?

Honestly, I don't know. I haven't tried out very many, as I normally either use TailwindCSS or make my own components using stitches. I'll have to say ChakraUI or IBM Carbon Design, simply because they're the ones I've worked with the most.

What're your thoughts on Netlify?

If I have to be honest I've never really tried it out. I only used it as a dump for some old, demo projects. Vercel almost perfectly integrates into my setup with Next or whatever else I use, and I'm really engrossed into the whole ecosystem to try out something else. Netlify seems like a decent option, but in all honesty I believe it would be an unnecessary step outside of my current setup.

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