The title really speaks for itself. This page contains some information about me, including short bios and my headshot for event organisers along with a short brief on my coding journey thus far.



This is for event organisers and other people which might need this info, to easily to copy-and-paste as they need.

Harsh Singh is a passionate developer who enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge with people. He works TypeScript, React, and SQL and is interested in a wide array of frameworks and technologies. He currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and enjoys riding bicycles and playing sports when he's away from the computer.

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Who am I?

Hey, I'm Harsh. I was raised in both New Delhi, India and the United States, as I later moved here with my family. From an early age, I've deeply been curious about computers. From downloading pirated games to tinkering with the antivirus on the school laptops, computers have always fascinated me. As both my parents worked in the IT field, it didn't take long for me to get into technology.

For hobbies besides coding, I would write the casual "loves reading and travelling" except the fact that I don't do either. In fact, I hate reading anything, and travelling irritates me. I pretty much just play sports and code. I don't even have time or really any interest to play video games these days.


My Journey Thus Far

I'm not that old, so I don't have a huge success story about how I quit my high-paying 6 figure job at a FAANG company and built over 10 startups before finally becoming successful and selling my company for a billion. It's rather typical and humble, but it's been a roller coaster for me!

I first started coding when I was 11, using some random free tutorials from freeCodeCamp and Khan Academy. I still have my first website that I published, which had crappy contrast, weird sound effects and horrible UX. It wasn't anything serious back then, just on and off following tutorials when I felt like it. I began to take coding seriously when I downloaded the Unity game engine and started making small 2D games. I made several, really crappy and dysfunctional games. In fact, I still have my first game that I published on Newgrounds back in February 2020. It was a piece of crap, and the people in the comments made it clear - but boy I was proud of it.

Looking back, the music makes me want to put a pick out my ears with a fork, and the art along with the game idea is stolen from someone else. Although, it's not about what I've made -- it's about how much I've improved! From then on, I started dreaming high even started working on a game that I wanted to publish to Steam. That never happened (and I'm glad), but it did improve my fundementals with object-oriented programming. Then, I started going back into web development slowly. I had already picked up the basics of JavaScript and HTML a while ago, so I played around with TypeScript and frameworks such as Gatsby and Next.js. I also started playing around a lot with databases and the serverless ecosystem. Here I am today! Still learning, growing, helping others grow and building cool stuff.


About this site

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